[Banshee-List] BansheeRemote, a small program to remotely control your Banshee

Hello everybody,

I just wanted to let you know that I made a small C# program which allow you to control Banshee playback via a web browser, if someone is interested by such a thing.

With BansheeRemote you can start your favorite music on your main PC (with all the sounds equipments goodies) and control the thing remotely from your bed, or wherever else, using another computer with a web browser. BansheeRemote use  the embedded Mono http server and D-Bus to do the interprocess wire.

You can download BansheeRemote and all the necessary stuff from here.

To use it, just fire up mono BansheeRemote.exe and point your browser to http://your-ip:8081/. You can tweak the HTML presentation to your need or supply another file using the BANSHEE_REMOTE_FILE environment variable.

LAVAL Jérémie
jeremie laval gmail com

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