Re: [Banshee-List] Import from LAN

LGM wrote:
> Wade Menard wrote:
>> Are the network shares mounted using gnome vfs? I do not believe  
>> banshee supports library files stored on them yet unfortunatly,  
>> despite showing up in the gtk# file picker. You could maybe mount them  
>> with fuse for better results.
> Yes, the shares were mounted using GVFS.
> Now I'm trying to mount with fuse but it is giving me a hard time.
> I know it is not a banshee question, so feel free to ignore this... If I try
> to mount like this:
> # sudo fusermount -o /Music
> It says: fusermount: old style mounting not supported
> If I try this:
> # sudo sshfs lone 192 168 1 8:/planetofmusic /Music
> Nothing happens.
> But if you say that banshee can't access folders mounted with GVFS, I will
> keep trying with fuse or other way.
> Thanks.
What about GVFS-Fuse? On Ubuntu systems, this will cause GVFS shares to be mounted using FUSE in
~/.gvfs. Banshee can access stuff from there. Why don't you try it?


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