Re: [Banshee-List] clear the database

Your music collection is here: ~/.config/banshee-1/banshee.db. Just remove the whole directory to reset Banshee 1.0.

2008/4/18 Steven Coté <steven cote gmail com>:
If I wanted to remove all media from my database and re-import it, which file would I have to delete?

Or, another approach would be to re-import my database from 0.13.2, is there a way to manually request that?

Whats happened is I just imported a new cd into banshee 0.13.2, but it was a mixed CD. So now the songs are scattered across a dozen directories in my music directory ( Now I'd like to move those tracks into my db for 0.98.3 and I don't see a particularly good way of doing that short of blowing away my entire db and reimporting the entire music directory.

Is there a better way of handling this?

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