[Banshee-List] Writing .is_audio_player key documentation

I'm trying to put together some more extensive documentation on the
.is_audio_player file capability. It would be helpful to have more
information. Perhaps someone with some skill can get more from
than I have managed.

Here is what I have so far:

audio_folders - What folders audio goes in.
 Ex. audio_folders=MUSIC/,AUDIO/

output_formats - What format audio comes off the device. (Is this just
for things recorded by the device?

folder_depth - number that indicates if a structure should be build
with the artist and album in it. 2 is typically plenty.
 Ex. folder_depth=2

A look at the code suggests to me that the following three aren't
supported yet, which would partially explain why I'm not getting
things transcoded to MP3 for my DAP. It doesn't explain why my
selection of 'MP3 (Lossy)' in the Properties box doesn't stick, but
Ill start that discussion elsewhere.

input_formats - The format to transcode audio into for the device. I'm
not sure why multiple types should be supported for this at a time.
Seems like one would be sufficient. Options include: audio/x-ms-wma,
audio/mpeg, application/ogg
 Ex. output_formats=audio/x-ms-wma,audio/mpeg

playlist_format - What formats are supported?

playlist_path - How is this different from audio_folders?

It might be nice to have two more keys. device_name and owner_name so
that a cleaner value may be provided for both of these options in the
device properties.


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