Re: [Banshee-List] howto avoid creating dirs on flash mp3 player

For what it's worth... I would also like to see a solution to this. My
current solution has been to manually select all the files and move
them to the root. You can edit the path manually (via gconf I think),
but that changes the behaviour of the music library as a whole. If
there were distinct variables (one for the path to the music library
on the hd, and one for the hardware player), that would be a
solution... I just hadn't mentioned it as banshee seems to be under
pretty active development. I suppose that this is a reasonable
request, but I'm not sure how big a priority it is (even though I'm
interested in it myself)


On 03/11/06, Alex Sutcliffe <sutcliffe alex gmail com> wrote:

I have a cheap flash based mp3 player that I can drag songs to using
banshee. Only problem is that the device only seems to play songs in the /
dir of it's filesystem. Is there a way to get banshee to just drop the files
in the top level directory?


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