[Banshee-List] Music Recommendations


I threw together a Banshee Plugin last night that makes music
recommendations based on what you're listening to. Recommendations are
based on Audioscrobbler data and presents you with recommended artists,
and top tracks and albums by artist [1]. It will also match recommended
top tracks with songs in your library, and allow you to play them
directly from the recommendations pane.

It's very hacky at the moment, but you can get it from the Banshee
Development Repository [2] if you want to try it out. You'll need to
have a recent CVS version of Banshee (ie. almost zero-day stuff). Feel
free to commit any cool ideas you might have, if you are the lucky owner
of a SVN account.


[1] http://www.avafan.com/~fredrik/banshee/banshee-recommendations.png

[2] http://svn.banshee-project.org/banshee-recommendation-plugin/

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