Re: [Banshee-List] A few things... (and you guys rock)

On 7/28/06, Matt Philmon <mattisking gmail com> wrote:
First of all... Aaron, and the rest of you guys... you rock. This latest
from SVN is just incredible.

I agree, it's pretty fun to watch and be a part of.

3) I've seen, so far, one interesting thing in this CVS build running since
Aaron's post about all the new goodness: Twice I've seen the View menu move
to first place in the list of menu items between runs. Once there, it's
there until I shut it down and run it again. It doesn't hamper me, but it's
a rather minor bug all the same.

I've seen this too.  I thought I had tracked it down (it was because
of some plugin..I want to say the Audioscrobbler plugin, but I'm not
sure).  Can you figure out how to reproduce it?  I can't at the


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