[Banshee-List] Plugin Devs - Get on the website

I've added a few plugins to the wiki the last week or so. I thought
I'd just open that up. Here is a list of all the plugins on the plugin
page on the website. If you're not on here and would like to be,
please send me:

the plugin name
a website and/or svn location for the plugin
Optionally, a short description would be useful.

   * Podcasting
   * Mini Mode
   * Music Recommendations
   * Internet Radio
   * Alarm Clock
   * Beagle Importer
   * Cleanup
   * Fleow
   * AlbumArt
   * iTunes Music Store (iTms)
   * MP3tunes
   * ShowTrackOnChange
   * Wikipedia

If you notice any that should be removed, holler on that also. For
example, is the iTms plugin still functional or should I leave it up
so that someone else can make it work later, just put a note that it's
not functional?


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