[Banshee-List] a new banshee plugin - fleow


I have been working on a new banshee plugin for last month, it is called
fleow and is a clone of popular iTunes Coverflow. Unfortunately, I have
not finished it yet completely as very often I have to make some other
things like writing exams etc.

To give a short description, this plugin is supposed to display all your
music collection as separate covers, all in three dimensions using
OpenGL. [1]

At the time being, the plugin is able to:
        * display covers (grabbed from database + cover.jpg/folder.jpg
        * flip to certain cover on track change
        * select cover with <,> buttons
        * select certain cover with right-click
        * play track from cover using 'play' button
        * rotate camera with left-button pressed
Nevertheless, there are still few issues to be solved and spicy effects
to be added, especially long loading time on start-up (I will have to
make some work around threading).

I hope you like the idea. If so,just try build the plugin on your own
and share your experience/report bugs here (I hope this is not an abuse
of Banshee mailing list). In order to get subversion repository please

          svn checkout svn://svn.berlios.de/fleow/trunk fleow

You can always visit [2] yet I think this e-mail is much more up-to-date
than website and I will have to prepare some more recent trailers.

Anyway, if someone could add this plugin to PluginRepository on the
banshee website I would be grateful.

Thanks for your consideration, please forgive me my mistakes in english
and in source code. Feel free to comment.

Lukasz Wisniewski

[1] http://fleow.berlios.de/img/banshee-fleow.png
[2] http://fleow.berlios.de/ 

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