[Banshee-List] Enable the use of the comment tag

Hi folks,

I opened an the folllwing enhancement Bug 380524 on this subject:
Banshee completely ignores the "comment" ID3 tag while other players are able

at least to display it.

I massively use the comment tag to set personal remarks on each piece of music.
In this way I can classify and select music on the base of my personal needs.

Hence it would be very very useful to:
1- have the comment tag as one of displayable columns
2- add "comment" to the drop-down list in the smart playlist creation dialog
3- add "by matching comment" to the list in the "Search for songs" popup list
I would like to know how I can eventually help in implementing that, assuming that someone from the developers team gives me enough information on the relevant parts of the code to be modified.

Antonio-Blasco Bonito              blasco bonito gmail com

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