Re: [Banshee-List] album art support/audioscrobbler support

On Thu, 2005-12-22 at 09:43 -0500, Matthew Nicholson wrote:

> 1). audioscobbler/ support: great job. rhythmbox added this and
> i'm glad to see banshee is hot on its heals with it built in. one issue:
> after i enabled it and played a song, i check to see if it submitted. it
> was, but i got a warning that it was submitted with a date "ealier" than
> my previously listened track (which is impossible). I don't know if this
> was a one time error, something wrong with my system clock (not that i
> can tell) or something with the plugin. in anycase, the song still
> posted and everything, but i just thought i'd mention it.

Hence "experimental" in the release notes and why there was no config UI
for it just yet. However, this should all be resolved in CVS, and
there's even a nice simple configuration/login box now, available from
the Music toplevel menu:

> 2). album art support: i finnally got the see this. being home for
> vacation my cd collection is nearby now, so i have audio cds to test
> with. very nice indeed. i ask however, if this is working fine for cds,
> why not enable it for the regular library? This is something I (and
> others i'm sure) have wanted in banshee/rhythmbox for a while (and
> banshee is much closer/seems to progress faster). what is holding this
> up? is it figuring out how to store the album art after its fetched (id3
> tag, a cover.png in the same folder etc)? If anyone could explain it to
> me, it would be great.

The methods for querying MusicBrainz for track information in the CD
scenario and the already-ripped scenario are very different. However,
the arbitrary artist/album/title query support is already implemented at
the raw MusicBrainz level. The more difficult task is designing the
logic for automatically scanning and fetching in the background. While
it's only about a half day's work, it's a low priority for me right now,
and I haven't had the time to do it. 


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