Re: [Banshee-List] Compiling

After build-dep failed to solve my problem, and me spending ages
looking for the relevant gnome-common-dev package, I decided to just
look through the full gnome- package list.  Frustratingly,
gnome-common (i.e. no -dev) was not installed.  Of course,
gnome-common is not a Gnome component but just the build tools.

Notably, build-dep failed to install gnome-common, monodoc, and
libmusicbrainz-dev, which I obviously did myself.  Oh well.

Now I'm curious as to whether doing the build-dep was necessary.  It's
a good job HD space is cheap these days! ;-)

- C

On 12/14/05, Chris Halse Rogers <chalserogers gmail com> wrote:
> Since it looks like you're on Ubuntu, I'd suggest using "apt-get
> build-dep banshee" to get all the build dependencies.  It worked for
> me.  You probably don't have the proper -dev packages.

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