Re: balsa-2.6.4 FTPFS

On 9/22/22 11:56, Albrecht Dreß via balsa-list wrote:
Hi Bruce,

thanks a lot for reporting this issue!

Am 22.09.22 19:16 schrieb(en) Bruce Dubbs via balsa-list:
make[3]: Entering directory '/build/balsa/balsa-2.6.4/libbalsa'
  CC       body.o
body.c: In function ‘body_weak_notify’:
body.c:74:29: error: ‘LibBalsaMessageBody’ {aka ‘struct _LibBalsaMessageBody’} has no member named ‘selection_table’

Ouch.  This struct member is defined iff HTML support is enabled.  I just pushed a fix to the master branch.  Or, as a trivial workaround, just enable HTML support (“--with-html-widget=webkit2”).

The problem is webkit. We build from source and balsa is a nice light mail client. We can build balsa in less than a minute. It takes hours to build webkit. Even at -j24, webkit takes over 20 minutes and most users don't have that many threads available.

  -- Bruce

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