Re: printing problem (no remote images)

Hi Jack!

On 29.03.22 22:38, Jack via balsa-list wrote:
I have an email which (in the HTML version) includes a coupon.  I have downloaded the external images, but if 
I print the message, it prints without the images.  This is whether I print from the main window or open the 
message in a new window (and have to download the images again.)   Is there some config setting I've missed, 
or is this correct behavior, if unintended.

In the print dialogue, select the 3rd tab “Message”.  There you will find two options below the right 
“Highlighting” header (which looks like a copy-paste error, btw., it should read “HTML options”):
* deactivate “Prefer text/plain over HTML” and
* activate “Download content from remote servers (may be dangerous)”.

Note that you must check the second option even if you already downloaded the external contents.

Background: when I implemented HTML printing through rendering to a webkit buffer, iirc I didn't find a 
(simple) way to pass the user's choice for downloading external contents to the print dialogue, or I just 
didn't care…🤔️

The other issue is that the downloaded external contents is stored in Balsa's HTML cache (i.e. printing will 
/not/ download it again), but it seems to be impossible to check in webkit whether or not an external 
reference is stored in it.  So it is not possible to automatically print the HTML with all items already 
being available locally.

Hope this helps,

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