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Hi Jack,

thanks a lot for testing!

Am 19.06.22 15:40 schrieb(en) John Doe via balsa-list:
The email in question contains a plain text part with a plain text/HTML attachment. This plain text/HTML 
attachment can only be printed after ticking 'force inline for all parts' (see attached screen dump).

This is usually controlled by the “Content-Disposition” header of every part.  RFC 2183, Sect. 2.1 and 2.2 
define that

a bodypart should be marked `inline' if it is intended to be displayed automatically upon display of the 


bodyparts can be designated `attachment' to indicate that they are separate from the main body of the mail  
message, and that their display should not be automatic, but contingent upon some further action of the user.

In libbalsa/body.c, function libbalsa_message_body_is_inline() a comment states that

Default disposition is in-line for text/plain, and generally attachment for other content types.

Thus, I can only guess that the HTML attachment either is explicitly marked as “attachment” or lacks that 
header, resulting in the behaviour you observed.  However, iff balsa has been built with HTML support, we 
might actually want to default to inline for HTML attachments, too (and the aforementioned function looks a 
little fishy anyway, btw).  I'll look into that, but only after my vacation (without computer😉️), so please 
don't expect any progress within the next ~3 weeks…


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