Re: can't fetch mail

Hi Jack!

Am 05.06.22 23:54 schrieb(en) Jack Ostroff via balsa-list:
** (balsa:8879): DEBUG: 17:43:34.702: Networkis unavailable (Sun 05 Jun 2022 05:43:34 PM EDT)

That message is printed by function print_network_status() in src/main-window.c.  Balsa uses a 
GNetworkMonitor (returned by calling g_network_monitor_get_default()) to check if the network is available or 
not.  If you see this message only /once/, it is most like being emitted from balsa_window_init() (in the 
same source file) using the return value of calling g_network_monitor_get_network_available().  The docs say

Checks if the network is available. "Available" here means that the system has a default route available for 
at least one of IPv4 or IPv6. It does not necessarily imply that the public Internet is reachable.

We connect to the “network-changed” of the monitor, which should print a similar message whenever the network 
state changes.

but I have no idea if this really indicates some network problem or is just a red herring (false lead) as 
balsa is able to send messages by smtp.  Next step will be to debug and look for a backtrace from the place 
that message is printed.

In libbalsa/server.c (libbalsa_server_test_can_reach*) we have additional functions for checking if a remote 
server is reachable, which internally call g_network_monitor_can_reach_async() and 
g_network_monitor_can_reach_finish().  I can only guess that there /might/ be an issue with your network or 
the gio configuration.  SMTP may work if you use a local MTA (localhost or as that address should 
always be reachable.

Best, Albrecht.

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