Re: can't fetch mail

On 5/31/22 18:24, Jack via balsa-list wrote:
Good afternoon all,

A new problem just cropped up for me this morning.  It used to be when I "Get new mail" I'd get a popup showing each of the servers from which I POP3 fetch mail, showing the status and progrss of each.  Now, I just get a popup "Checking mail" but it doesn't show any of the servers, and only stays up for less than a second.  I can use my IMAP connection to see that I do have new mail.  Using $G_MESSAGES_DEBUG="mbox-pop3" produces no output.  It seems like it's just silently failing to even try to do a pop3 fetch.

I just recompiled from git head and the behavior didn't change.  I don't see anything relevant in dmeg or /var/log nor in console output.

Any suggestions for further troubleshooting?

I'm trying to debug this, and in check_new_messages_real in main-window.c, I'm unable to see what's in list after the call to gtk_tree_model_foreach.  That may simply be because I don't know what I'm doing, but it does look like there should be something there.  I upgraded gtk+ from 3.24.31 to 3.24.34 a few days ago, but don't see anything relevant in the change log.  Am I barking up the right tree, and am I even in the right forest?

I've also tried setting a breakpoint on several different pop3 related functions, none of which are reached by trying to check for mail.  It almost feels as if something has gotten disconnected, but I don't see anything amiss in the configuration.


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