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Hi Jack:

Am 10.04.22 17:23 schrieb(en) JohnJackDoe tele2 de:
Recently I received an email containing a plain text part and a html part. The contents of both was different.

Are these two parts encapsulated in a multipart/mixed (“mixed parts”) or in a multipart/alternative 
(“alternative parts”)?  In the latter case, the content should actually be the same, according to RFC 2046, 
Sect. 5.1.4, but this requirement is sometimes violated, in particular by messages created by scripts 
(usually not by real MUA's)…

So I couldn't read them as one email. Printing was not possible.

…quite often, (commercial, spam) messages are constructed as

    text/plain -> with a body reading “your MUA doesn't support HTML” or similar
        text/html -> the real content…
        image/png -> …and some extra stuff referenced by the html

Printing such messages is currently broken in Balsa (see issue #75, item 3), working on that.

If my assumptions are completely wrong, it would be great if you could give more details (or even share the 

Thanks, Albrecht.

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