recurrence of old problem with inordinate delays fetching mail

Hello all,

I've just returned from a three weeks vacation.  While away, I only used imap for all email access.  I'm now trying to POP3 download all my email.  All mail servers have gone fine except for gmail.  There are a bit over 200 messages, and after somewhere around half of them were downloaded, it started taking over twenty seconds for each additional message.  Based on watching top and on previous experience, I believe the problem is that Balsa applies inbox filters after each new message is downloaded, and this calls html2text on every message in the mailbox, but now I have over 150 messages in my mbox inbox.  In the short term, can anyone suggest a way to find which one is likely causing problems?  In the long run, would it make sense not to apply filters to a mailbox until all pending actions are done - specifically fetching a whole bunch of POP3 messages?

I've also tried deleting a few messages at a time from the INBOX, but it just hung, presumably having problems rewriting the mbox file.  I might try deleting all the remaining new messages from the INBOX and then copying one at a time from the IMAP inbox.

I have a vague recollection that in the past, the problem was caused by some HTML only message with invalid HTML that all browsers and other email clients (TBird) handle fine.

(Hopefully I'll be able to find any answers to this by using IMAP for the interim.)

Thanks for any suggestions.


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