Re: Gmail POP3 Issue

Hi Jon,

Welcome to Balsa!

On 01/02/2021 05:10:17 AM Sat, Jon Biddell via balsa-list wrote:
Just switched to Balsa on POP_OS! and it's only downloading from Gmail in
250 - 300 message chunks. Is this configurable in Balsa or is it an issue
with Gmail?


Are you accessing your GMail account using POP3 or IMAP? Balsa's POP3 client code has no option for 
downloading in chunks like that, so if you're using POP3 it would have to be the server throttling your use. 
If it's IMAP, which I use for two GMail accounts, it could be just another issue with GMail's weak 
implementation of the protocol; I get such slow service that I'd never notice chunking!


PS This mailing list will likely be archived and closed in the near future[0], in favor of GNOME's Discourse 
instance, which is where discussion is being encouraged.


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