Opening mailboxes

Hi All!

Balsa gives the startup option of opening every mailbox that was open at the end of the previous session: 
"Remember open mailboxes between sessions". Because opening a mailbox can be time-consuming, the operations 
are carried out in threads, but to avoid overloading the machine, a mutex is used to actually execute only one thread 
at a time.

I've just pushed to GitLab a different approach, using a pool of threads managed by GLib, which simplifies much of the 
process. To mimic the previous strategy, the pool actually has just a single thread, so that mailboxes are opened in 
turn. We could be less conservative: GLib can report the number of "processors" available (4, on my laptop), 
and any number of threads up to that could presumably be used without overloading the machine. That would give the user 
a responsive UI sooner.

Any thoughts about the number of threads?



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