Message lost in draftbox

Hi all,

I observed the following strange effect with the current master:

* the draftbox contains ~3 (large) unsent messages.
* open two composer windows and start writing in both windows;
* postpone both, and terminate balsa;
* restart balsa – and one of the two messages I started to write is just gone;
* exit balsa, and open the draftbox in a editor: the “lost” message is still there, but there is no empty 
line (CR LF CR LF sequence) between the end of the preceding message and the “From …” MBox start header;
* insert a CRLF at that location in the editor, restart balsa, and the message is there again.

This looks as if there is either a race saving draft messages when multiple composer dialogues are open, or 
if the CR LF has been omitted because the preceding message did not end in a newline when it was saved in the 

Any ideas?


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