[Patch] ical improvements

Hi all,

attached is a patch with a number of small improvements regarding libical support:

(1) Debian oldstable (stretch) comes with libical2, but seems to work flawlessly with the new code using 
libical, so we can reduce the requirement to libical2 instead of libical3.
(2) Apparently, M$ Exchange and/or Outlook are broken (surprise!) and do not process iCal “REPLY” messages 
containing exactly the fields as required by RFC 5546, sect. 3.2.3.  Needles to mention that Thunderbird, 
Kontact, … do /not/ show any issues with them.  After adding some optional fields, the messages are 
recognised…  As a positive side-effect, such messages are better readable for the recipient as they contain 
more (redundant) information which the receiving MUA would typically extract from the invitation.
(3) Messages containing a text/calendar part only are not really useful if the receiving MUA does not support 
this MIME type, but displays the “raw” format only.  As a solution, pack the text/calendar as 2nd part into a 
multipart/alternative, and add a text/plain part containing some human-readable information as 1st one.
(4) Store the transmitted replies in the sentbox.

The patch applies to both the master and gmime3 branches.



Patch details:
- README, configure.ac, meson.build: require libical >= 2.0.0 instead of 3.0.0
- libbalsa/rfc2445.c: libbalsa_vevent_reply(): add several optional fields to the “REPLY” message as to work 
around a M$ Exchange/Outlook bug
- src/balsa-mime-widget-vcalendar.c: balsa_vevent_widget(): ref the VCal object containing the time zone data 
if we show the buttons for sending a reply; vevent_reply(): construct he reply as multipart/alternative, 
store it the the sentbox

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