Re: New odd behavior - selected message not within dislay and others.

Hi All,

On 07/20/2020 03:27:36 PM Mon, Albrecht Dreß wrote:
Hi Jack!

Am 19.07.20 00:20 schrieb(en) Jack via balsa-list:
Normally, when I've read all new messages in the current mailbox, and click "Next Unread" Balsa switches to 
the mailbox with the next unread message, selects that message and displays it, and scrolls the message list to show 
the new message line.  The first part does always happen - display the next mailbox with an unread message.  However, 
sometimes, the message selected is an old one (or perhaps the one with the highest message number, which is essentially 
random for maildir mailboxes.  That has happened infrequently, but for a long time.  It now seems more frequent.  What 
is new, however, is that the selected message is NOT scrolled to the center of the display, and may be very far away.

No Heisenbug!  I also observed the latter effect (wrong scrolling), in particular with a somewhat crowded 
Maildir mailbox (Postgresql mailing list), with threading enabled and a high depth of the threads (more than 
10 levels, sometimes).  In this case, typically the sorting in the mailbox is also broken (although Peter 
*mostly* fixed this effect, it still –but rarely!– occurs).  I don't use the “Next Unread” function, so I 
can't tell if it occurs here too.

I've pushed a couple of changes to GitLab that should resolve some of the issues. There was indeed at least 
one race: the front end displaying a mailbox before the back end got to sort it. That's bad when a message 
has been added to a mailbox, because it's always prepended and then sorted into place.

The final, least common bit, is that I do NOT see any scrollbar on the message list.  It is always there if I 
switch to another mailbox and then back.  It someimes seems to appear, if i don't pay any attention and just 
start reading the new messages, and look up later to see it's back.

Is the vanishing scrollbar part of GNOME's overlay scrollbars? You can disable globally them with:

gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.interface overlay-scrolling false

They can also be disabled programmaticly for a particular scrolled window: 
 but having a mixture of overlay and permanent scrollbars might look weird!

Huh!  Never saw that.

It's intended for touch-screen devices, where I suppose it makes sense, but it's actually used whenever 
there's no mouse, such as my laptop with its touch-pad 🤨️



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