Re: HTML issues

On 2019.10.10 14:48, Albrecht Dreß wrote:
Hi all,

I noticed the following HTML issues with the latest git version of Balsa:

(1) I usually display the text part of a message. Switching to HTML, the HTML view is not expanded vertically until the mouse cursor leaves the Balsa window (or Balsa looses focus?). See attached screen shot for an example…

(2) The zoom hotkeys (Ctrl-+, etc.) and the context menu zoom commands don't work any more.

Could this be related to Peter's recent mime widget changes (thanks for taking care of that, btw; sorry, due to personal reasons, I didn't have time myself…)?

Hello Albrecht,

I just tested and found that although ctl+ and ctl- (kepayd or keyboard) didn't work, the view menu items did work. I then realized I was not on git head, and after compiling again, I find the same as you - the view menu items don't just not work, they are grayed out. I do also see the failure to expand the HTML view, but it does not expand for me even switching to another app and back. I won't have time to try a git bisect to confirm the cause for a bit yet.

Separately, I think the python version of html2text has changed the name of its executable (script?) for pyhtml2text, which I had to add to for it to be found. I thought I had reported this, but I don't see any evidence I actually did. I'll have to dig back into the package to see if that's an upstream issue or something specific to Gentoo.


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