[Patch] display S/MIME and TLS certificate chains

Hi all,

attached is a patch which adds displaying certificate chains for TLS and S/MIME.  Actually, this has been a 
requirement at work, where I use balsa…

The patch addresses the following:

S/MIME signatures:
Currently, Balsa shows the certificate data and the issuer's name, serial and chain id.  It is not possible 
to view the entire certification chain.
The patch adds a button to the issuer section of a S/MIME signature, which opens a new dialogue, showing the 
certification tree in the upper and the details of the selected certificate in the lower part.  I.e. it is 
now possible to inspect/verify the whole tree, up to the root certificate.  If you have any S/MIME signed 
messages in a mailbox, you can simply test this feature.

When opening an encrypted SMTP, POP3 or IMAP connection, balsa shows a dialogue with the untrusted 
certificate, asking whether the user accepts or rejects it.
With the patch, if the untrusted certificate is not self-signed and the issuer certificate(s) can be loaded, 
the whole chain is displayed as above for inspection.  For testing, you could temporarily disable the trust 
for your provider's root certificate, which should pop up the modified dialogue.

I order to clean up the code, I shifted all stuff for creating the "certificate display widget" (potentially 
using GCR) from libbalsa.c (which is crowded anyway) into a new source file.  Oh, and I added a SHA256 fingerprint for 
our own (non-GCR) certificate widget – SHA1 is actually not secure any more these days.

Any opinions?


Patch details:
- libbalsa/Makefile.am, libbalsa/meson.build: add new source and header file
- libbalsa/libbalsa-gpgme-widgets.[ch]: add button to S/MIME signature widget; implement button callback for 
displaying the certificate chain
- libbalsa/libbalsa.c: replace printf() by g_debug() calls in ask_idle() and libbalsa_ask(); use new api for 
creating certificate (chain) widget; delete stuff shifted to x509-cert-widget.[ch]
- libbalsa/x509-cert-widget.[ch]: implement two functions for creating a certificate (chain) widget either 
from the S/MIME certificate fingerprint, or from a GTlsCertificate.  If the passed certificate is self-signed 
or if the issuer cannot be determined, the function returns a widget containing the certificate information.  
Otherwise, the returned widget is a vertical GtkBox, containing the certificate chain tree view in the upper 
and a GtkStack in the lower part.  The latter displays the certificate selected in the tree view.
- src/save-restore.c: add certificate chain dialogue to the geometry manager

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