Re: CRITICAL when 2nd file is attached using DnD

On 2019.01.27 13:29, Albrecht Dreß wrote:
Hi all,

I noticed that Balsa always throws a Gtk-CRITICAL when a second file is attached to a message, and if any of the attachments has been added using drag'n'drop. It does /not/ occur if /all/ attachments are added through the file menu. Unfortunately, the bt (see below) is not very meaningful. Any ideas happens here?

Hello Albrecht,

If it helps point to anything, I do not have that problem. I do usually use the file menu for attaching, but I just tested composing a new message, and then drag/dropping multiple files. I've tried one at a time, and a bunch at once. No complaint, no apparent errors (even looked at stdout). I even attached several files to this message (then removed them before sending.) Let me know if you want to know versions of anything else I have installed.

Here is my latest config command:

CFLAGS="-g -pg -no-pie" LDFLAGS=-pg meson \
      --buildtype debug \
      -Dgnome-desktop=false \
      -Dcanberra=false \
      -Dcompface=false \
      -Dlibsecret=false \
      -Dgpgme=true \
      -Dspell-checker=gtkspell \
      -Dosmo=true \
      -Dgtksourceview=true \
      -Dhelp-files=true \
      -Dosmo=false \


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