Re: Webkit 2.22.5 crashes

Hi Jack:

Thanks a lot for your help!

Am 14.01.19 21:34 schrieb(en) Jack via balsa-list:
I have had webkit-gtk-2.22.5 (Gentoo naming) installed on 10 January, and balsa has been running fine, 
including displaying HTML.  I just did a git pull and rebuilt, and it still seems fine.

Hmm, strange, after rebuilding Balsa from scratch, it works for me, too.  Looks as if a simple “make” isn't 
sufficient (I don't recall if html.c was re-compiled or not); maybe the abi changed significantly between 
2.22.4 (the previous version) and 2.22.5.

Thanks again, and sorry for teh noise,

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