[Patch] minor autocrypt fixes

Hi all,

attached is a trivial patch for the autocrypt branch, addressing the following Autocrypt-related issues:
* If Autocrypt is activated for an identity, but no gpg private key fingerprint is given (the usual case), 
and no usable private key exists, calling libbalsa_gpgme_export_autocrypt_key() via autocrypt_header() 
triggers a CRITICAL.  The patch fills in a proper error message in this case.
* An Autocrypt header is added even if the message is only postponed, which is useless.
* Remember the size of the Autocrypt database window.


Patch details:
- libbalsa/autocrypt.c: set a proper error message if no fingerprint of a usable private key can be 
identified for a mailbox; fix memory leak; attach Autocrypt database window to geometry manager
- libbalsa/send.c: do not add Autocrypt header when postponing; propagate error from creating Autocrypt header
- src/save-restore.c: restore Autocrypt database window geometry

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