Re: [Patch] Relay secret key selection

Hi Albrecht!

On 02/15/2019 12:31:36 PM Fri, Albrecht Dreß wrote:
Hi all,

attached is a tiny patch which relaxes the selection of the private key in the identity setup dialogue.

Currently, the user can only select a key with a uid which matches the account's email address.  However, 
there are use-cases where this is not sufficient.  At work, we have an isolated network with “internal” email 
addresses.  Outgoing messages are re-written to public addresses, but the internal ones shall not be exposed 
to the outside world (see e.g. [1]), i.e. the key /must not/ carry a user-id for the internal address.  Thus, 
neither auto-selection nor defining the key id in the gui works (it would be possible to run gpg[sm] on the 
console to print the id, and then copy it into the input field, though).

The patch enables selecting any valid private key in the identity dialogue, but /not/ when a message shall be 
sent and the private key cannot be determined.  Note that the vast majority of users will probably never use 
this feature, i.e. use automatic key selection (id is empty in the identity setup).



Thanks for the patch, and all the other recent work! This looks good--committed and pushed.



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