[RFC] replace iCalendar code by libical

Hi all,

Balsa has some limited support for dealing with text/calendar parts, typically containing appointment 
(VEVENT) requests to which the user can reply.  IIRC, I wrote the code more than ~10 years ago, according to 
a subset of the definitions from RFC 2445 and 2446 which meanwhile have been replaced by RFC 5545 and 5546.

I now noticed that the old code is not able to deal with text/calendar parts created by M$ Exchange properly 
any more.

As a possible improvement, the libical library [1] claims to be able to deal with RFC 5545 and 5546 compliant 
items.  Therefore, instead of re-inventing the wheel (i.e. fix or re-write the /very/ old Balsa code), I 
propose to use this library instead.

Before investing time into a migration, I would be interested in your opinion:

Is it acceptable to add an additional dependency on a (though somewhat standard) library?
And should we make it mandatory or not (in the latter case, text/calendar parts would be displayed and 
printed like text/plain, which is usually confusing)?


Best, Albrecht.

[1] <https://github.com/libical/libical>

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