Re: Sudden display failure

Html2text is used only to quite HTML parts in a reply, so that's probably not the issue. I've seen something 
like that occasionally, but as I recall quitting and restarting Balsa fixed it.

I use Epiphany, which is also WebKitGTK-based, as my main web browser, and that also sometimes gets into a 
mode where content isn't displayed--again, quitting and restarting has always fixed it. Problems in Ephy and 
Balsa /may/ actually have been concurrent, though that's more of a suspicion than a demonstrable fact, but it 
seems possible that WebKit gets into some system-wide knot.


On 09/15/2018 12:47:14 PM Sat, Jack via balsa-list wrote:
On 2018.09.15 09:09, Geoffrey Leach wrote:
I'm getting a blank page (nothing beyond header) from Content-Type: text/html; charset=utf-8. Anyone else 
seeing this? (Fedora 28)

I'm not on Fedora, but have you tried reinstalling, or at least confirming that whatever tool their package 
uses for html2text is correctly installed?

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