Re: Occasional hangs - maybe actually old problem: Was: Several minor issues

On 2018.09.07 18:05, Jack wrote:
Mainly just FYI at this point, unless anyone else has any more concrete ideas than I do.

On 2018.08.28 15:13, Albrecht Dreß wrote:
Hi Jack:

Am 28.08.18 20:57 schrieb(en) Jack via balsa-list:
[snip other issues...]
3) For the past several weeks, I have been noticing an occasional, unpredictable hang/pause in Balsa when downloading messages. […] I'm looking for any thoughts on how to troubleshoot this better.
You might want to run Balsa with all debug messages (G_MESSAGES_DEBUG=all) or only low-level networking messages (G_MESSAGES_DEBUG=libnetclient) enabled and check if anything unusual happens with the problematic mailbox. Remember that passwords will be printed in the output, so please sanitise any files before posting them.
I've done this, but seen no messages that would indicate any particular problem. However, the hangs mostly seem to be after Balsa finished downloading a message (often the last downloaded line in the DEBUG is a '.') so I'm now wondering if the hang might be caused by checking gpg signatures - and like magic, I have had this issue in the past, and there was a thread in February about it. You provided some notes on checking gpg configuration, which I'll have to read and follow up on again. I have 504 "pub" keys (from "gpg -k") and I wouldn't consider that a particularly large keyring - or am I wrong? (Browsing through the list of keys, I suspect most got there by due to messages from various mailing lists.)

However, two more questions: First, as I said in February, why would this check (or whatever is currently happening) completely block all Balsa activity? Second, in my Inbox, I do have "Decrypt and check signatures automatically" set to "Never" so it's obviously not exactly the same problem I was having back them.

Anyway - I've updated several bits of my gpg configuration, and I know I've got lots to go, but even if I'm imagining it, I seem to be having less of the hangs, but not totally gone yet.

OK, I've now run with G_MESSAGES_DEBUG=crypto and seen the hangs with no crypto related output at all to console. Does that exonerate any gpg stuff? If so, where do I look next?


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