Error when compiling balsa

Title: Error when compiling balsa

Good morning!


I just issued  "git pull --rebase" and configured with



./ --with-gpgme --with-html-widget=webkit2 --with-spell-checker=gspell --with-rubrica=yes --with-libnotify --with-canberra --with-gtksourceview --without-gnome --with-libsecret --with-compface./ --with-gpgme --with-html-widget=webkit2 --with-spell-checker=gspell --with-rubrica=yes --with-libnotify --with-canberra --with-gtksourceview --without-gnome --with-libsecret --with-compface



make then stopped with this error:


address-book-rubrica.c: In function ‘extract_net’:

address-book-rubrica.c:687:20: error: assignment makes pointer from integer without a cast [-Werror=int-conversion]

      && (mail_addr = xml_node_get_text(entry) != NULL))


(Complete log file in attachment)


Is there anything I might have overlooked?


Best regards




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