Re: [Patch] Improve low-level network library, POP3 responsiveness on error

Hi Peter:

Am 23.01.18 02:58 schrieb(en) Peter Bloomfield:
I wish I could! My education has come from too many hours scrutinizing <URL:<>. I 
started with <URL:>, but while it gives a 
sampler of how to port, it's very incomplete. Seems like it's still evolving!

Thanks a lot for these links.  Using the Ubuntu 16.04 Meson package failed with the following error:

albrecht@deneb:~/Balsa/git/balsa_build$ meson ../balsa-master
The Meson build system
Version: 0.29.0
Source dir: /home/albrecht/Balsa/git/balsa-master
Build dir: /home/albrecht/Balsa/git/balsa_build
Build type: native build

Meson encountered an error in file, line 542, column 49:

After upgrading to the package from Debian Stretch (0.37.1), I could configure, but not build, as Ninja is 
too old.

However, I /think/ I solved the issue for the HTML patch, I'll add my changes to that thread.

Thanka again,

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