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Hi André:

Am 06.01.18 00:43 schrieb(en) andré via balsa-list:
Judging by my experience with other applications, that would certainly help debug problems, if it is not too 
difficult to implement.

Not really, as it's basically overwriting GLib's default handler.  The bigger task is to classify the 
existing messages as debug/info/… and to put them into appropriate domains.

It could even help more advanced users resolve configuration problems by themselves.

Yes, good point.

From what you say, it seems it would give cleaner code as well.


Since log files have a tendancy to occupy a lot of space longer term, it would be a plus if older log entries 
were automatically removed.  For example, I don't think log entries over a month old would still be useful.

Well, if you start Balsa from a terminal, these messages just go to stdout and stderr.  Re-direct them into a 
file if you need them.

Running Balsa from the desktop environment, IIRC /etc/X11/Xsession decides where log messages are stored.  
For me (Ubuntu 16.04 LTS w/ XFCE), they go to ~/.xsession-errors.  The file is rotated every time a new X 
session is started.

But using our own handler, it would be easy to write log messages to one or more files (which could be 
rotated) instead of stdout/stderr, or even send them to syslog.


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