[RFC] Progress dialogue options

Hi all:

First of all, I wish you all a happy New Year 2018!

While implementing multi-threaded POP3 message retrieval (related to the recent “Is there a way to fetch mail 
from only one server” discussion), I ran into a difficulty regarding the display of the progress dialogue.  
As to display multiple progress bars simultaneously, I would use the libbalsa_progress_dialog_* functions I 
introduced for parallel SMTP operations.  These dialogues are automatically destroyed after the last 
operation has been finished.

However, this behaviour contradicts the /three/ config settings “While retrieving messages”, “Until closed” 
and “Never”.  But the second option doesn't seem to display the dialogue (for me, at least), though.  Does 
anyone use this option, and how is it supposed to work?

As to simplify everything, I tend to replace the three options above by a simple check box “Display progress 
dialog when sending or retrieving messages”.  What do you think – is this reasonable, or would it hamper 
Balsa's usability?

Thanks in advance for any insight,

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