possible new sort option

Hello all,

Too much idle time, perhaps, but I've been musing on mailbox sorting. I mostly use JWZ sorting, with increasing dates. This groups messages per the JWZ algorithm, and then sorts the groups by the increasing date of the first message in the group. If I click on the date colulmn header, it simply reverses the order of presentation of the groups. In other words, the ordering within groups is not changed, but now the groups are sorted by the decreasing date of the first message in the group.

I have several mailboxes (mainly various mailing lists) where I'd like to maintain the message order within the groups as above, but sort the groups by the date of the most recent message in the group - either increasing or decreasing. This would bring the most recently active threads to the top or bottom of the list.

Can anybody give an estimate of how difficult this would be to implement?


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