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Hi John Jack:

Am 27.06.17 17:30 schrieb(en) JohnJackDoe tele2 de:
I need to connect to an MS Outlook Exchange Server. What I understood is that Balsa supports the GSSAPI 
(Kerberos based authentication scheme) and that this is required to connect to the Exchange server. Is this 

I'm not sure about M$ Exchange, but the Balsa git version does indeed support GSSAPI auth for POP3, IMAP and 
SMTP (older releases for IMAP only).  Balsa should automatically detect if GSSAPI is offered by the server 
and use it, without any other configuration being required.

What Kerberos parts exactly do I have to install on Xubuntu 16.04 LTS?

I'm not an expert for that, but on Debian, you at least need kinit to get a Kerberos ticket from the (Active Directory, 
in this case?) server, i.e. run "sudo apt-get install krb5-user".  Then you have to configure Kerberos; I 
installed a test system for testing the POP3 and SMTP kerberos support by installing a Samba4 server which did it for 
me, so actually I don't know what is needed for that.

Then, before starting Balsa, you have to say "kinit <username>" to get a ticket from the server which is used by, inter 
alia, Balsa.  "klist" will show the valid tickets.

As you message comes from a German domain, maybe this /very/ old article might help you: 

I would be very interested in your experiences, in particular for POP3 and SMTP, as I added support for it 
only recently, but could not really test it, only against a Samba4 server.  And as always, M$ may behave 

Hope this helps

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