Re: gtk3 branch fails to compile

Hi Andreas,

On 01/13/2017 11:24:53 AM Fri, Andreas Schmidt wrote:
Hi, Peter,

thanks for your prompt help!
Great! Before applying the patch, I tried renaming the .git subdirectory and balsa compiled without problems. 
However, I just noticed something different: When I compile balsa without .git, Balsa-->About shows the 
expected version number (2.5.3). Now, with the subdir present again, I get version 2.5.2-357-g0f6c528a. I guess, 
the suffix is necessary for git, but shouldn't the version number start with 2.5.3, too?

Hmm--yes, I see the same thing. Balsa uses 'git describe --tags' to construct the version string when 
building in the git tree, and somehow 'git describe' doesn't see the 2.5.3 tag. I've pushed a 2.5.3a tag 
pointing to the release, and for me at least that gets seen; the version is now 2.5.3a-14-g0f6c528. It is not 
quite right, since we don't have a 2.5.3a release, but it's better than before!



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