"security" questions

I've recently set up a gmail account, and had some problems setting up balsa. First issue is that I'm using popfile to filter incoming mail, so I'm first trying to be sure whether this is a balsa issue or a popfile issue.

The problem is that gmail refused to allow a POP3 connection until I ticked their box to allow connections from an "older, less secure" application. One of their messages was "Someone just tried to sign in to your Google Account ostroffjh xx yy from an app that doesn't meet modern security standards. (I've obviously changed the host, but it is an account which used to simply be a redirect, but is now a google apps account, or something that uses gmail.) As far as I can tell, the connection is using SSL, and it's not clear why that shouldn't be sufficient.

I can't really tell what they think is missing security wise - so I'm asking if anyone has run into this before, and for any suggestions, other than just checking that config box on the account.



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