Re: Two old issues

On 2015.04.01 20:05, Peter Bloomfield wrote:
Hi Jack,

On April 1st, 2015, Jack wrote:
There are two issues with Balsa I find somewhat annoying. I'm not sure if I've mentioned them on the list before, but I figure I'll ask if anybody has any thoughts on whether I might have some configuration issue, or if I should consider them annoying bugs or just annoying but acceptable bahavior.

First, about 90% of the time I open the Draftbox folder, I get x messages, x hidden - i.e., ALL messages are hidden. Typing a space in the search bar and hitting enter displays all the messages. Erasing the space and hitting Enter still leaves all messages displayed. I have never seen this happen with any other folder. It seems to be happening less often today, now that I've decided to ask about it, but still over half the time.

Yeah, that's a bug. I'm not sure what's causing it, but I see the same thing in the draftbox--also, very occasionally in Inbox. It may be connected with the incorrect sorting and threading that I see in other folders--in some, I routinely click the "Date" column header twice, just to fix the sorting. Somehow, the filter that determines what messages are shown is not set correctly.
I know there are threading/sorting issues, but I hadn't thought of this as related. I wonder if (re)sorting would make them appear without changing the filter. My other threading issues are trying to use the JWZ, but I think you're also already aware of that. (I also think I found a bug in the JWZ algorithm - not Balsa's interpretation, but the underlying approach. That's also for another time.)

Second, with all my other apps, left clicking above or below a scroll bar moves the bar in that direction, but middle clicking moves the bar to that position. In Balsa, left clicking moves the scroll bar to that position. middle clicking has no effect, and right clicking moves the bar in that direction (up or down, if I click above or below the bar). I'm on Gentoo Linux, mostly stable versions of libraries and apps, mostly a KDE system.

That's a relatively recent change in Gtk conventions about scrolling. I'd guess that Qt-based apps have the behavior you're used to, and perhaps Balsa is the only Gtk-based app you use. It's not a Balsa-bug!
I think I can track down which of my apps are QT and which are GTK. I'd be surprised if I don't have any other GTK apps. I'll reply again once I check.

This last one is different from the issue that the first time I click anywhere in the body of a message (default layout, lower right pane) it seems to scroll the message down just enough to move the header area out of view. This happens whether I am displaying a plain text or an html message. I'll bring that one up again later.

Yes, we're aware of that one, too! Still not sure who's bug it is...
Anything I can do to help track it down? I can probably build with symbols and run under gdb.


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