Re: Is Balsa still alive ? [was: balsa fails to build with gtk+-3.10.6]

Hello, Peter!

Peter Bloomfield wrote:
I'll try to get some time this summer to implement Pawel's suggestion of dropping the address book editor as a standalone binary, and provide its functionality in a window. Before a line of code is written, the biggest hurdle looks like the custom "File" menu; I'm sure it's solvable, but it'll probably mean (re)educating myself about GMenu and GAction. All assistance or thoughts about other approaches are always welcome!

I know nothing about GMenu and GAction, but one thing that has bothered me for a long time about balsa-ab's File menu (and eventually had me turn my back on it) is that it is f a r too easy to delete the entire address database via File->Delete. Even more so as this menu entry can easily be mistaken to mean "delete the currently selected contact".

One other thing that you might get a chance to have a look at while you are working on the address book: The way balsa and balsa-ab interact with external address book commands*—while apparently designed to work well with existing, commonly used programs like lbdb and mutt—has the limitation that input of more than one email address is always treated as being an ambiguous search result. I. e. when the query command outputs something like

first address org
second address org

balsa will prompt the user to chose one of the two addresses. This is perfectly alright, of course. However, balsa behaves just the same way given a comma-separated line as input:

first address org, second address org

If balsa were instead to accept the whole input line in this case, one could use this to implement simple mailing lists in one's address book query script. This is what I happened to try these days. (See lists sourceforge net/msg00089.html .) * ( documented here: )

None of this is pressing, though. As always, many thanks for maintaining the only graphical MUA that I am able to use without constant annoyance.


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