Re: "Send Queued Mail" doesn't work.

Hi Carlos!

On 08/30/2014 04:41:44 AM Sat, Carlos Franke wrote:

If I understand correctly, the menu item "File"->"Send Queued Mail" is supposed to re-try sending any mail stuck in the 
outbox. It doesn't do this for me. When I hit the entry (with some mail lingering in my outbox), nothing happens at all, and there is no 
output on "balsa -d".

You need to toggle off the "Flagged" flag on any message that's left in the outbox. Balsa toggles it on 
during sending, so that if there are errors it doesn't keep trying to send. If there's a problem with the message, like 
an invalid SMTP server, you can move the message to the Draftbox and fix it. If the problem is just a non-responsive 
server, just wait until it's back on line and resend with that menu item.



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