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On 09.10.2012 01:27:26, Albrecht Dreß wrote:
Am 05.10.12 22:20 schrieb(en) Ildar Mulyukov:
I started to look at this part and it has a little glitch: it displays 16-hexdigit Key fingerprint. But the useful part is actually digits 9 to 16 (the 8 digits that user sees in seahorse or even in `gpg2 --search-keys` output).

Wrong. You can use either the key id or the key fingerprint as arg for '--search-keys' and friends. See 'man gpg' for details.

Albrecht, I didn't mean that Balsa's Key fingerprint is wrong, I mean that Balsa's presentation of it is hostile. Compare this:
1. cmd line
	$ gpg2 --search-keys albrecht dress arcor de | grep DSA
gpg: поиск "albrecht dress arcor de" на hkp сервере Keys 1-1 of 1 for "albrecht dress arcor de". 1024 bit DSA key D027FFD1, создан: 2002-04-15

2. Thunderbird: see a shot
2. seahorse: see a shot
3. Balsa: see a shot

If a user wants to verify the fingerprint by looking at it, then it is easy with Seahorse, TB and even with cmdline gpg, but not with Balsa.

If I am wrong and the Key fingerprint is shown for different purposes, then please clarify, because, you know, I am still new in Mail encryption/verification software.

That's what I mean.

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