Re: Annoyance with moved (filtered) message not hidden


I would like to "up" this message.

This problem is VERY annoying!

When I start Balsa, it is frozen most of the time if there are
messages waiting in the Inbox on the computer.

When it is frozen, I've nothing in gdb.

I've already tried to left it a long time alone and nothing happens.

If I close it just after it starts and restart it then everything is fine...

I don't know how to help to debug this behaviour.



2012/6/25 Jean-Luc Coulon (f5ibh) <jean luc coulon gmail com>:
> Hi,
> I've already rerted this kind of behaviour years ago.
> I collect my mail with fetchmail.
> My Inbox point to /var/mail/[my id]
> I filter messages in various mailboxes with filters.
> When I start balsa (there are already some messages ready collected by
> fetchmail), the mails are correctly dispatched but they are still
> visible in the Inbox (not hidden).
> If I select an unhidden but moved message and then move the an other
> one, then it is hidden.
> This happens only when there are messages awaiting before I start
> balsa. Then, when a new message arrives, it is dispatched / hidden
> normally.
> Regards
> Jean-Luc
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