Re: Segfault on build with --disable threads (was: gtk3 imap connection issue)


1. Balsa asks for one of my IMAP accounts' (Lavabit) password (which it normally remembers).
 2. When I enter it, balsa keeps asking again and again.
 3. When I hit Cancel, the crash happens.

That seems to be a different bug. Is that in a threaded or unthreaded build? Could you get a stack trace?

I don't have a clue about why you would be getting those repeated password requests from one IMAP server but not the others. 'Balsa -D' might help...

for some reason, I cannot reproduce the above behaviour at the moment, so let's leave that bug alone for now. (For the record, it was in an unthreaded build. Maybe gnome-keyring had something do to with it.)

As for the segfault bug, maybe I will have a look at the source myself. However, as I have never dealt with threading before, I do not really expect to find anything that you would have missed.


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