Re: Segfault on build with --disable threads (was: gtk3 imap connection issue)

Hi Peter,

sadly your long shot missed. There is no change in behaviour.

However, I have new information to report. For some reason, after I did a system upgrade recently*, balsa's crash does not happen instantaneously after startup any more, but: 1. Balsa asks for one of my IMAP accounts' (Lavabit) password (which it normally remembers).
 2. When I enter it, balsa keeps asking again and again.
 3. When I hit Cancel, the crash happens.
This does not happen when the respective tab is not open on startup, obviously. Also, this only concerns my Lavabit account: for two other IMAP tabs are open on startup as well, but I am not prompted for their passwords. *I have the upgrade log, but I do not see any package related to balsa, gnome, gtk or glib. Strange.

This has nothing to do with your latest patch. I tried again with and without it.

Maybe this sheds some light on when exactly things go wrong – or maybe it does not. If there is anything else I can check, please let me know.


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