Re: JFYI: sent folder FCC wrong

On Apr 13, 2012, at  7:33 AM, Ildar Mulyukov wrote:

to anyone who misses his/her sent mail:
it could drop into some other then "Sent" folder. Look here:
$ grep MRU1= $HOME/.balsa/config

In my case it became

dunno why and how it happened while upgrading to the recent GIT gtk3 branch build.

Everything is fine after fix. fault. When you move one or messages to a folder, Balsa adds it to a "most-recently-used" list, and offers them in the "move to" submenu. Likewise, when you set the fcc box to some folder, it is added to a "m-r-u" list, and Balsa offers that list in the drop-down menu. In the past, those have been separate lists. A recent commit replaced them by a single list, updated when you access a folder either by moving messages to it or setting it as the fcc box. You must have moved one or more messages to _some_random_folder, which was then added to the fcc list, and became the default destination for fcc copies.

The reason for dropping separate lists is that they can be clumsy. I'd reply to a mail in my inbox, setting the fcc copy to a relevant folder, then file the mail in the same folder, so it seemed convenient to have that folder in the m-r-u list for moving. With separate lists, I'd often have to choose "other" in both drop-downs, and negotiate the whole mailbox tree twice.

But your use case highlights an issue: moving messages to a folder shouldn't make it the default fcc box, though perhaps setting the a folder as the fcc box should make it the first choice for moving messages. I'll revert the change and rethink the issue.



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