Re: where is acrobat?

Hi Geoffrey!

On Apr  9, 2012, at  9:42 PM, Geoffrey Leach wrote:
The default location for acoread used by Balsa does not correspond to
my setup. Is this hardwired or is there a config somewhere?  Desktop is
XFCE, and there's no system default.

Balsa uses the GAppInfo API to create the menu that offers actions for attachments. Balsa itself knows nothing about the type of an attachment, nor about the appropriate app for accessing it. I believe that GAppInfo gets the information from .desktop files, so I'm guessing that acroread either doesn't come with one, or it's broken. A quick fix might be to symlink the real binary to whatever path Balsa tries to use, if you know what it is. The real fix, I suppose, would be for someone to package the reader with a correct .desktop file.



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